Aimee Swenson was a prostitute working for Don Draper's uncle Mack Johnson.

The Collaborators

When she first meets Dick, she remarks that he is good-looking and asks Mack if that's his son, to which Mack slyly answers, "Not that I know of." She advises Dick to "find [his] own sins; stay away from Mack's."

She later catches Dick peeking at Mack climbing into bed with a pregnant Abigail Whitman. She calls him a dirty little spy and suggests that he go back to his room.

The Crash

When Dick is sick, she tells him to come to her room, where she listens to his breathing to determine that he does not have consumption, but a simple chest cold. She tells him to lie down on her bed. Remembering how Abigail had told Dick to stay in the cellar to keep him from getting the other residents sick, she remarks how his mother doesn't know how to take care of anybody, to which Dick replies, "She's not my mother." She continues to nurse him back to health. When his fever breaks, she has sex with Dick.

Later, Mack kicks her out of the house, believing that she was withholding money from him. As she departed, she boasted of having taken Dick's virginity, prompting Abigail to furiously beat him.

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