American Airlines
Is a Real Company/Brand
Status Potential Client of the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency
Featured in:
Flight 1


American Airlines (AA) is a major airline of the United States.

Relation to Sterling Cooper

Herman Phillips and Don Draper clash about dropping Mohawk Airlines for American Airlines after the crash of American Airlines Flight 1. ("Flight 1")

On Palm Sunday, Herman Phillips tells Don that he wants the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency to present American Airlines with several approaches, but Don, saying he doesn't like "wiggle room," wants his creative team to commit to one concept. Meanwhile, Roger meets up with Vicky in a hotel room. When he tries to kiss her, she says no until he offers more money.

On Good Friday, Herman Phillips informs stunned Sterling Cooper staffers that his contact at American was fired that morning. The presentation will take place, though the agency will be, Don remarks, delivering "a stillborn baby." "No regrets, fellas," Roger tells Don and Herman Phillips following the American pitch. "We were in it. That's the important thing." After Herman Phillips leaves, Don comments that Herman Phillips was hired to generate new business, not lose old business, but Roger waxes about the thrill of the chase for a new client. ("Three Sundays")

Roger drops by Don's office then orders Don to have lunch with Herman Phillips to make peace over the American Airlines debacle. ("Maidenform")

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