Jim Hartsdale
Portrayed by Ron Perkins
First appearance Public Relations
Gender Male
Employer Jantzen Swimwear

Jim Hartsdale is an executive from Jantzen Swimwear.

Pete Campbell arranged a meeting for Jantzen swimwear to meet with Roger Sterling and Don Draper. Jantzen specializes in two-piece suits, but the competition was quickly eating into their market share. Don was not happy with their attachment to tradition and modesty, but they planned an additional meeting to discuss ideas.

In a meeting with Jantzen, Don presents their vision for an ad campaign. The racy ad made the executives uncomfortable with the slogan, "So well built, we can't show you the second floor." A black bar conceals the model's breasts in the image, giving the illusion of nudity. Don believed that the executives were scared of the skin that the 2 piece was designed to show off. With that, Don kicked the executives out of the office. ("Public Relations")

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