Lee Garner, Sr.
Lee garner sr.jpg
Portrayed by John Cullum
First appearance Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Final appearance Indian Summer
Gender Male
Employer Lucky Strike
Child(ren) Lee Garner, Jr.


Lee Garner, Sr. is the owner of Lucky Strike. His son, Lee Garner, Jr. runs the day-to-day operations of the business. ("Smoke Gets in Your Eyes")

In 1960, Lee Garner and his son met with Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency. They were joined by Roger Sterling, the head of the company, in welcoming Lucky Strike to the office. There were few ideas offered to Lucky Strike, so Pete Campbell interjected and offers that the smokers had a "death wish," something Don Draper had previously rejected. Shocked, they began to leave. Don saved the meeting, by stating that "Advertising is based on one thing, happiness," and that everyone else's tobacco was poisonous, but Lucky Strike's "is toasted." Within moments, Garner was sold. ("Smoke Gets in Your Eyes")

Garner was later worried over anti-smoking legislation which was in progress at the time, but was at least relieved that it would likely be a few years before they put warning signs on packages. At that meeting with Sterling Cooper, Roger had a minor heart attack, and had to be wheeled away by ambulance drivers. ("Indian Summer")

Sometime before mid-1965, Lee Garner, Sr. became incapacitated, leaving more control over the company to the Lucky Strike board. ("Hands and Knees")

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