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Megan Draper wears a lot of fabulous 1960s and 1970s outfits in Mad Men. This page catalogs all of her outfits and accessories. Throughout the series she wore a total of 140 outfits, 119 which are unique.

Season Four - 23 Outfits

402: "Christmas Comes But Once a Year"

#1 The "First Appearance/Hanging Snowflakes" dress

#1 continued

#2 The "Christmas Party" dress

404: "The Rejected"

#1 The "Focus Group" dress

#2 The "Perky Receptionist" dress

406: "Waldorf Stories"

#1 The "Watching a Political Ad" dress

#2 The "Congratulations on the Clio" hat and jacket

407: "The Suitcase"

#1 The "Bathroom Chit Chat" dress

409: "The Beautiful Girls"

#1 The "RIP Miss Blankenship" dress

#2 The "I Fall All the Time" dress

410: "Hands and Knees"

#1 The "OMG Don's Angry" dress

#2 The "OMG Don's Happy Again" dress

411: "Chinese Wall"

#1 The "Yellow Repeater" dress. This is the first outfit Megan has worn twice. The horror.

#2 The "I Bet This Outfit Will Make Don Want to Sleep With Me" dress

412: "Blowing Smoke"

#1 Return of the "RIP Miss Blankenship" dress from 3 episodes earlier

#2 The "Maybe Because of the Panic They Won't Notice I Wore This Two Episodes Ago" dress.

#3 The "I Liked Your Letter" dress

413: "Tomorrowland"

#1 The "Sure I'll Go to Disneyland With You" dress

#1 continued

#2 The "California Dreaming" summer dress

#3 The "This May Be the Real Reason Don Invited Me to California" swimsuit

#4 The "Hollywood Night Out" dress and jacket

#4 continued

#5 The "Totally Better Than Betty" dress

#6 The "Surprised and Sexy" nightie

#7 The "The Most Exciting Thing About Getting Engaged Is All the Fantastic Outfits I Get to Wear Next Year" post-engagement dress

Season Five - 49 Outfits

501/502: "A Little Kiss, Part 1"/"Part 2"

#1 The "I Sleep With My Boss" blouse and skirt.

#2The "Zou Bisou Bisou" dress

#3 The "The Day After Don's Party" dress

#4 The "Cleaning the House" lingerie

#5 The "Content Wife" dress and jacket

503: "Tea Leaves"

#1 The "Important Business Dinner" dress

#2 The "Blink And You'll Miss This Dress and the Shade I Throw Harry" dress

#3 The "I'm Reading a Magazine" shirt and pants

#4 The "My Husband's Ex-Wife Might Have Cancer" swimsuit

#5 The "My Husband's Ex-Wife Doesn't Have Cancer" summer dress

504: "Mystery Date"

#1 The "Hard at Work" dress

#2 The "Tending to My Sick Husband" shirt and skirt

505: "Signal 30"

#1 The "Using His Office Is Another Perk of Being Married" dress

#2 The "Upstage Trudy at Her Own Party" dress

506: "Far Away Places"

#1 The "I Wore This Salmon Dress Five Episodes Ago, I Hope Nobody Notices" dress. The jacket, necklace and sunglasses are new.

#2 The "Day After Being Abandoned at a HoJos" dress

507: "At the Codfish Ball"

#1 The "Entertaining My Asshole French-Canadian Parents" dress

#2 The "Pajammies" pajamas

#3 The "I Had an Idea About Beans" outfit

#4 The "I'm Too Pretty to Be Selling Beans" dress

#5 The "I Hate the Job I'm Good At" dress

#6 The "I Spent All Your Money on Ridiculous Outfits" hat and jacket

#7 The "Codfish Ball" evening gown

508: "Lady Lazarus"

#1 The "I'm About to Quit My Job" dress

#2 The "Audition Dress" dress

#3 The "I Couldn't Care Less About Whipped Cream" dress and jacket

#3 continued

#4 The "Nighty-Night" nightie

#5 The "So Long, Chumps" dress and jacket

#5 continued

#6 The "I'm So Domestic You Can't Stand It" outfit

#7 The "Beat Poet Theatre Class" outfit and jacket

509: "Dark Shadows"

#1 The "Teaching Sally Acting" sweater and pants

#2 The "This is Super Awkward" outfit

#3 The "Dark Shadows Audition Jealousy" sweater and pants

#4 The "Telling Sally About Anna" sweater and pants

#5 The "I'm Canadian But I'll Still Prepare Your Thanksgiving" shirt and pants

510: "Christmas Waltz"

#1 The "Pretentious Theatre-Goer" dress

#2 The "I'm So Angry, I Forgot I Wore This Sweater Just Last Episode" sweater

511: "The Other Woman"

#1 The "I Own More Pajamas Than Regular People Own Clothes" nightgown

#2 The "Audition Dress" dress and jacket. Note: Don actually calls this the "audition dress" and they have a conversation about the outfit. Note 2: Megan wears this dress a second time in the episode after outfit #3.

#2 continued

#3 The "Boston Hissyfit" sweater and pants

#4 The "I'm Sad and Pouty" outfit

512: "Commissions and Fees"

#1 The "Guilty Pleasure Green Sweater" sweater. This is the third time she has worn it.

#2 The "Girls' Lunch Out" sweater and jacket

#3 The "I'm Going Out, Please Don't Run Away Sally" dress and jacket

#3 continued

#4 The "But Glen Had Already Seen My Other Outfit" outfit

513: "The Phantom"

#1 The "Beat Poet Theatre Class: Part Deux" outfit. Megan wore this five episodes prior.

#2 The "Drunk 'n' Pouty" jammies

#3 The "Screen Test" dress. Megan was seen wearing this dress in the previous episode. Now we know what was so important she left Sally home alone.

#4 The "I Can Wear Anything and Still Look Good/Sleeping with Don Draper Has Its Benefits/Beauty and the Beast" costume

#4 continued

Season Six - 49 outfits

601/602: "The Doorway, Part 1"/"Part 2"

#1 The "Hawaii with Don" bikini and shirt, a.k.a. "The Made You Not Notice Don's Ridiculous Swim Trunks" bikini

#1 continued

#2 The "Luau" dress

- The "Pothead" underwear

#3 The "This is My Looking Out at the Ocean Dress" dress

#3 continued

#4 The "I'm Probably Still High From Last Night" beachwear

#4 continued

#5 The "Please Don't Have Another Heart Attack" outfit

#6 The "Oh My God, It's a Heart Attack! jacket and dress

#7 The "I Only Have One Lousy Line" outfit

#8 The "I Pushed Derek's Mother Down the Stairs" outfit

#9 The "Happy 1968!" dress

#10 The "Second Pair of Green Pajamas" nightie

603: "The Collaborators"

#1 The "Guilty Pleasure Green Sweater... Again!" sweater. This is the fourth time Megan has worn it, as previously seen in "Dark Shadows", "Christmas Waltz", and "Commissions and Fees"

#2 The "Most Depressing Scene in a While" pajamas

604: "To Have and To Hold"

#1 The "French Maid costume and wig" costume and wig

#2 The "I'm Terrible at Small Talk... er... so... I'm Going to be Part of a Sex Scene" casual dress

#3 The "Swinging '60s" dress

#4 The "Going to Work to Make Out with a Handsome Dude" jacket

#5 The "Red Robe and Hairnet of Anger" robe and hairnet

605: "The Flood"

#1 The "Beans Award Nominee" dress

#2 The "Blue Robe of Mourning"

#3 The "Vigil in the Park" leather jacket and outfit.

#4 The "Pajamas of the Week" pajamas. Megan wore these last season in "Lady Lazarus"

606: "For Immediate Release"

#1 The "Mothers Day at Home" domestic wear

#2 The "Outfit and Jacket I Wear to Go Buy More Outfits and Jackets" matching outfit and jacket

#3 The "Blue Robe of Mourning Again". Megan wore this in the previous episode.

#4 The "Legs Hope This Gets Don's Attention Dress"

#4 continued

#5 The "Hardest Nightie to See" knee-padded nightie

607: "Man With a Plan"

#1 The "Silent Pajamas"

#2 The "Chipper Wife Outfit"

#3 The "Oh, So This Season Is About Gun Violence? Pajamas"

608: "The Crash"

#1 The "I'm Too Busy for My Stepkids" dress

609: "The Better Half"

#1 The "Evil Twin Knit Fishnet Onesie" outfit

#2 The "I Made Dinner for My Terrible Husband" outfit

#3 The "Accidental Flirt" outfit

#4 The "Given Up on Even Trying" shirt and underpants, a.k.a. The "Everyone Thinks This is a Sharon Tate Reference" shirt and underpants

610: "A Tale of Two Cities"

#1 The "American Politics are so Charming" outfit

#2 The "Frightened Nightwear"

#3 The "Hashish Hippie Megan" outfit

611: "Favors"

#1 The "My Superpower is that I'm Canadian" outfit

#2 The "Shhhhh!" nightie

#3 The "Buying Clothes Again, Don't Get into Trouble" dress and matching jacket

#4 The "Oblivious Wife" outfit

612: "The Quality of Mercy"

#1 The "Revenge of the Pajammies'" pajamas. This was seen 18 episodes previously in "At the Codfish Ball"

#2 The "I'm Going Out for Random Errands and I Want to Set a Good Impression" outfit...

#2 ...and matching jacket

#3 The "To Have and to Hold Evil Twin Necklace Overload" outfit and wig. The wig was seen four episode previously in "The Better Half"

#4 The "My Husband Prefers the Television to Me" nightgown

613: "In Care Of"

#1 The "My Husband is Developing a Drinking Disorder" outfit

#1 continued

#2 The "Angel of Purity" nightie

#3 The "Return of the Silent Nightie." This was seen 7 episodes previously in "Man With a Plan"

#4 The "Fightin' with the Husband" outfit

Season Seven - 19 Outfits

701: "Time Zones"

#1 The "L.A. Diva" dress

#2 The "L.A. Pirate Housewife" outfit

702: "A Day's Work"

Megan does not appear in this episode.

703: "Field Trip"

#1 The "L.A. Errands" skirt and blouse

#2 The "Weepy Sleepy Gown"

704: "The Monolith"

Megan does not appear in this episode.

705: "The Runaways"

#1 The "Loungin' Around, Paintin' My Nails, Gossipin' with Amy" gown.

#2 The "Don's Awful Kids Have Taught Me Never To Have Kids" conversation attire

#3 The "Holy California I'm Going to the Market!" outfit

#4 The "I Forgot I Can't Be My Usually Flirtatious Self When My Husband is in Town" cocktail dress.

#5 The "Awkward Morning After" gown. This was seen two episodes prior, in "Field Trip".

706: "The Strategy"

#1 The "All My Old Co-Workers Have Been Replaced with Computers" knit dress

#2 The "Balcony Breakfast" gown

#3 The "Cooking Dinner" outfit

#4 The "Denim on Denim on Denim" sorting outfit

#5 The "I Put the 'First-Class' in First-Class" air travel outfit

707: "Waterloo"

#1 The "Goodbye, Don" bikini and gown

708: "Severance"

Megan does not appear in this episode.

709: "New Business"

#1 The "Money Please" outfit

#2 The "Luggage is Exhausting" outfit

#3 The "Packing in Jeans" blouse and jeans

#4 The "How Did I Not See This Coming?" dress (which was also seen in 701 "Time Zones") and...

#4, continued... corresponding white jacket. This is the last outfit we see Megan in.