The Better Half
The Better Half
Season 6 Episode 9
Air date 26 May 2013
Written by Erin Levy and Matthew Weiner
Directed by Phil Abraham

The Crash
A Tale of Two Cities


Peggy becomes unsatisfied with her apartment and with Abe, Don has an eventful weekend with Betty while Megan has problems on the set, Roger has time with his grandson, and Pete begins exploring his options outside the firm.


The episode opens with Don, Ted and Pete debating strategy for the Fleischmann's margarine account. The invoice to Peggy to give her opinion and choose which idea she thinks is best. Much to do and dissatisfaction Peggy takes a diplomatic position and says both ideas have merit.

A frustrated Don ultimately tells Ted to go with the idea he thinks is best.

At a political fundraiser Betty stands alone waiting for Henry to return from phone calls he needed to make. She's approached by one of Henry's colleagues who quite directly propositions her for a romantic evening. Henry suddenly steps into the scene, gives his colleague a cold glance, and escorts Betty back into the dining hall.

Peggy arrives home and find aid in the apartment with a policeman in the living room and his arm in a sling. Apparently he was stabbed on the subway. He's reluctant to cooperate with the police officer in identifying the perpetrators. And angry Peggy threatens to sell the apartment and move to a better neighborhood.

Don arrives home. At the dinner table Megan expresses her frustration with her acting duties. Don is clearly preoccupied with the events from his workday. She tells him she has prepared his suitcase for the time he'll be spending with the children at camp.

Riding in the limousine on the way home from the fundraiser Henry expresses his displeasure with Betty's flirtatious advances with his colleague Stuart. He questions Betty, and clearly aroused by the situation, kisses and embraces her.

Pete meet with Duck Phillips to test the waters for new employment opportunities.

Betty and Bobby are joined by Don at a roadside diner for a family meal on the way to Bobby's camp. Later that evening Betty and Don share a drink and some conversation. It ends back in Betty's motel room where she and Don make love. Afterward, it's clear that to both of them this was a dalliance. The next morning Don enters the diner to have breakfast and find Henry and Betty sitting together. After they wish each other a pleasant good morning Don sits at a table alone. From his table he watches Betty and Henry giggle and enjoy each other's company.

Arlene arrives at Megan's apartment for an evening of practicing dialogue for the next days filming. After a number of drinks and some conversation she kisses Megan. but her advances are rebuffed.

Joan and Bob Benson prepared to go to the beach when Roger enters unexpectedly. And uncomfortable situation arises which ends with Roger exiting hastily. The next day Roger brings a gift for Joan's son and expresses his desire to be part of their lives. Joan demurs claiming Rogers not someone on whom she can rely.

Peggy's apartment she hears people arguing in the street. Fearful she grabs a bayonet.  Abe startles her and she inadvertently stab him in the stomach. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital Abe expresses his true feelings and essentially breaks up with Peggy.

Don arrives back at his apartment. Megan it is clearly saddened that Don seems to be losing interest in the relationship. Don admits as much and appears to be genuine willing to recommit to the relationship.

Peggy tells Ted of her break up with Abe obviously in hope that he will pursue a more serious romantic relationship. Much to Peggy's dismay he does not.

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