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Hey there Mad Men fans! Are you as excited for the Season 7 premiere as we are?

It's only a few days away, airing this coming Sunday, and according to the promo "everything is up in the air". Well, one thing doesn't have to be up in the air- your premiere party menu! Enjoy these Mad Men themed recipes.

Every classic 1960s dinner party has some deviled eggs to start. This recipe was a top contender from last year's Mad Men Food Fiction.

Deviled eggs

Found in every major household in the 1950s and 1960s, the Green Bean Casserole is the quintessential homemaker dish. Prepare the casserole with a can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup for authenticity.


The créme de la créme of main courses- this elegant Beef Wellington will be a definite party pleaser.


This boozy pie recipe, straight from the 1960s, features Cool Whip, which was one of the companies that hired Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce to develop an advertising campaign for them.

Daiquiri pie

"They say if you have to cut down on your drinking, you have a drinking problem" -Don Draper. Don says drink up, so grab an Old-Fashioned and sip it like the men of Mad Men.

Which food/drink do you want to try the most?

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