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Can't decide who to be this year? Why not tear a page from Mad Men's style guide and party as ladies man Don Draper or get drinks as sexy secretary Joan Holloway!

Don Draper

To create the perfect Don Draper buy or borrow a slimming grey suit, a skinny power tie, and some retro inspired men's shoes. Then follow the instructions in this awesome tutorial to turn your modern hair into a ladies man's secret weapon!

Joan Holloway

The most important things to remember while you are putting your costume together are the hair, the dress, and The attitude.

The Dress


When you are choosing the perfect Joan dress be sure that it is bold, sexy and you feel great in it! I found several dresses on that would be perfect including this red number. Be sure to order early though because from my experience their sizes can be tricky.

Pair your saucy number with large bold accessories like a gold broach and a leopard print purse or keep it simple with Joan's trademark long gold chain necklace. Pull out a pair of your most amazing pumps and you will be ready to go!

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The Hair

For the hair, check out these helpful video tutorials that will make your tresses look tres chic in no time!