Walter Veith
Portrayed by Randy Oglesby
First appearance New Amsterdam
Gender Male
Employer Bethlehem Steel


Walter Veith was the head of Bethlehem Steel.

While at the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency, Don Draper tries to sell a campaign of: a picture of the Manhattan skyline with the words, "New York City, brought to you by Bethlehem Steel." Similar boards showcased other cities including Chicago, St. Louis and Pittsburgh. Walter does not quite understand the campaign, but gets the gist that they were going for. Just before Don can convince him, Pete Campbell interjects and tells Walter that they will come up with something else. Don is understandably angry with Pete's actions in the meeting.

That night, Pete and Ken meet with Walter at a bar. Pete had invited young twenty-somethings to get Walter to help ease Walter's worries so he can discuss the steel campaign. The following day the group reconvenes with Walter to discuss the campaign. Don tries to pitch a new idea, but Walter mentions the one that Pete had pitched the night before. Pete is happy, while Don is furious. This lead to a situation that almost got Pete fired. ("New Amsterdam")

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